A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Before I can become a master event planner, I thought it would be helpful to see what other event planners are doing. To get myself well-prepared, I started to follow a few blogs that highlight areas of event management I would (someday) like to exemplify myself. So, if you need some expert advice, here is a review of a few blogs I deem “A for Awesome”.


Mr. Adrian Segar, author of “Conferences That Work: Creating Events That People Love”. Click on the picture to view his site!

1. Conferences That WORK– by Adrian Segar.

I stumbled across this blog through Mr. Segar’s Twitter, and found a website filled with valuable information for someone interested in successfully captivating conference attendees. One of his posts, Dear Adrian- How do I break into the event services industry?, was really inspiring for me. It was a heartfelt response that made my desire to enter the event management field even stronger. He says,

“What the event professionals I’ve met who clearly enjoy their work all have in common is their pleasure and satisfaction in successfully creating an enjoyable environment where people can come together, connect, and learn.

In general, Mr. Segar has so much information that will help you with your teamwork and interpersonal communication. You wanna plan your own conference? No problem! The content is relevent, and easy to read and understand. I know when I come to this blog, I’m gonna get the good stuff.

2. Eventbrite

This site has such great tips for event planners. They have ways to use social media for marketing, increasing attendance at events, and relevant information for all kinds of events. Really a great place to get some up-to-date info. The layout is clean, with a white background and easily identifiable titles. And there are some hilarious pictures that make you want to read their blogs.

What I really loved about Eventbrite’s Blog was that it was easily categorized. They have been very thorough in their tagging, so you can narrow your search to areas you’re interested in. Posts are easy to read because usually they are short, numbered, and have a lot of pictures. You’ll find yourself just clicking and clicking and clicking and… yea.

3. Evenesis

Very similar to Eventbrite, Evenesis gave great tips in all areas of event management. From how to deal with a team, to how to plan an event for children, Evenesis has a lot to offer. When reading the posts, it’ll feel like you’ve been granted a special-access pass to information that only the pros knew. This blog put some of their best articles at the very top of the page, so that you know what you really needed to click on. Plus, this blog seemed fun, with a fun blue border and lots of pictures. There’s a cute little girl on the front page, jumping for joy, ready to start planning her own events. I want to be her…

Anyway, that about does it for my blog review. Got any blogs that you think I should check out? Post a comment and let me know!

-The Memory Maker


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