Let’s Play Cash CAB!

Designed by Emma Walz and Hannah Warren, members of the Otterbein University Starving Artists organization

Designed by Emma Walz and Hannah Warren, members of the Otterbein University Starving Artists organization. Click on the picture to learn more about their group!

I am the president of the Campus Activities Board at my school. We just recently decided to change our name from the Campus Programming Board to CAB. Not only is this new name easier to say and remember, it fits more with the service we are providing.

To announce this new name to campus, we decided to hold a launch event. Our event was CASH CAB! Just like the show, the point of the game was to answer trivia questions to win prizes.

There were multiple ways to participate; students could win raffle tickets just by answering a question at their table. These questions were super easy, and allowed a one-on-one connection with our CAB members and the students.We also had a main-stage aspect of the event, where 10 lucky students had a chance to win bigger and better prizes.

Since a college organization cannot hand out wads of cash, we created a variety of different prize bags that the main-stage participants would win; movie bags, Starbucks gift cards, paint-ball park tickets, etc. All of the raffle tickets were entered to win our grand prize: a $50 gift card.

The Campus Activities Board had so much help from the catering staff, Bon Appétit. We held the event in the cafeteria, during the dinner rush, to make sure we had a large group of students. A special “CAB” themed meal was prepared, including a hot-dog bar, CAB cake, and a root beer float station.

Overall, this event was a huge success, engaging over 200 students and publicizing the big changes to our organization. With Cash Cab as our kick-off event, CAB hopes to plan even bigger and better events.

Check out some pictures from the event!

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That’s all for now! Leave me a comment about what you thought of this event!

-The Memory Maker


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