A Hunt for the Eggs

I remember waking up on Easter morning to see that the Easter Bunny had paid a visit to my house. Colorful plastic eggs were scattered around, hidden in every nook and cranny. My brother and I would open every cabinet, look under every chair, even check inside the refrigerator to find all of these delicious treats.

Now that we are grown and out of the house, it’s kind of depressing to know that there are no hidden eggs this Easter. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that even college kids would be excited to see that colorful, candy-filled surprise.

These are a few of the eggs hidden on campus.

These are a few of the eggs hidden on campus.

That’s why the Campus Activities Board planned an Easter Egg Hunt. Over 300 plastic eggs were dispersed around Otterbein, offering students an extra dose of sugar to kick-start their long Easter weekend. CAB also hid a few eggs with slips for gift cards and Cheryl’s cookies for a few lucky students.

Shout out to Taylor and Sarah, who acted as our Easter Bunnies. They stayed up till the wee hours of the morning in order to pull off this excellent CAB event!


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