Messing around with Soundslides

For this class, I needed to make a slideshow with audio using Audacity and Soundslides. Let’s just say, it’s been an interesting experience. Here’s what happened.

1. I took too long editing the audio, having to work on it outside of class. The interview we were given to edit was the MOST boring thing ever. This guy seems wholeheartedly unenthusiastic about going skydiving. How could you be BORING if you went SKYDIVING?! My audio ended up being 1:15 instead of 3:00.

2. In order to create our slideshow, we needed to edit stock photos of people skydiving. One picture looks really crappy because it needed to be a certain size. SO PIXELATED. My OCD is really kicking in.

3. Once we have our audio and images edited, we put them into Soundslides and mess around. This was the easiest part, purely because I knew what I wanted the finished project to look like.

4. Take the final slideshow, send it off to be converted into a video. Upload video to YouTube. Embed YouTube into personal blog for public humiliation.

Here’s what I came up with. Don’t judge. It’s all really terrible. 🙂

-The Memory Maker


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