The Father-Daughter Road Trip

As much as I would have loved to magically appear in Orlando, Florida with all of my belongings, I took this opportunity to go on a road trip with my Dad. After 2 days, 1000+ miles, and some questionable potty breaks later, I have gained some valuable road trip experience.

I learned that all of my stuff can fit in my car. Which is extremely impressive. Seriously. If you could see my car and compare it to my closet (let alone my shoe collection), you would know it is a God given miracle that anything could fit at all.

My life in the back of a Beetle.

My life in the back of a Beetle.

I learned that driving is so much better when you have music. Then again, Hall and Oates is great anytime.

I learned that ChexMix is addictive.

I learned that Georgia takes too long to drive through, and that cruise control is the best thing ever.

I learned that a restaurant in Charlotte has lasagna JUST LIKE the lasagna in Rome. No joke. My taste buds were nostalgic. Make sure you check out Luce in downtown Charlotte for the best Italian food ever.

I learned that I can flush a gas station toilet with my foot, instead of using my hands.

I learned that my Dad is the smartest man I know. He has such a wide range of knowledge readily available at all times.

“Over there is the West Virginia State House with the gold leaf dome!”
“Look at that ’62 Ford Falcon! What a beaut.”
“Bob Seger really stepped into the national spotlight when he added saxophone to his sound.”

Plus he was patient enough to deal with me in a confined space for 2 days straight. He really is amazing!

Most importantly, I learned that I would rather fly than drive.

-The Memory Maker


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