My air conditioning is on Power Ranger.

It is hot. When I exit the heavenly air conditioning of my apartment, I feel a thick, sticky wall of heat and humidity smack my face. I am going to go through a gallon of hair gel and hair spray in a month, as I try naively to tame the beast. The weather is rude and needs to leave.

The only nice thing about this weather is the tanning opportunities. My roommate, Bonnie, and I checked out the pool today and tried to enjoy this extreme heat.

Had my Housing meeting today, going over the rules of living here. Our hour+ meeting could’ve been summed up with a simple “Don’t be stupid. Don’t do illegal things. Be nice.” But I guess they need to spell out every rule to be safe. Maybe people make stupid decisions because the heat has melted their brain? I don’t know….

Do you have any suggestions for coping with this heat? Let me know in the comments!

-The Memory Maker


2 thoughts on “My air conditioning is on Power Ranger.

  1. Being at the pool today was fun! despite the pool of sweat/tanning oil in my navel…awkward. But I love my handheld fan (the kind that flips open and you manually operate it, for those who don’t know) for staying cool and looking classy.

  2. This is from dad. One trick for dealing with the heat is to run cool water over your wrist and hands. The veins and arteries in the wrist carry the cooling to the whole body very efficiently.

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