Howdy Y’all!

Yeeeeee-hawww! Today was “Woody’s Roundup” housing event for all of the residents on Disney property. I reckin’ it was a swell time!

As we boot-scooted toward the entrance, everyone was presented with their very own cowboy hat. They had the place all decked out with line dancing, raffles, and a barbecue! I won a lanyard and ID holder, learned some sweet new moves, and had a free dinner. Can it get any better? We even had a chance to hang out with Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story!

It was really neat to see how Disney plans events for college students. The lesson I learned was that free food and free stuff are always a big draw. Plus, these Disney fans get a kick out of meeting the characters (which luckily they had set up in an air conditioned room). Hopefully one day I can help the Housing Team plan events just like this for the Disney College Program!

Overall, I had a-hootin’ and a-hollerin’ time!

Does Woody’s Roundup sound like something you would go to? Tell me all about it in that-there comment section.

-The Memory Maker


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