Life is di’ bubbles!

4:30- *hits alarm*

6:00- On the bus to orientation

7:15- Orientation begins in the Cast Member Cafeteria.

7:30-10:30- Tour of the Magic Kingdom. My orientation group went from park to park, learning about the themes behind each of the areas. We discussed the infinite amounts of knowledge each cast member should be prepared to share with a guest.
What time is the 3:00 parade?
Where can I buy a churro?
Why does the castle have a blue roof?
Yes, people ask these questions. Yes, I need to know the answers to every one of them. To learn these answers, I have to study a pamphlet of information updated weekly.

10:30- Broke off into my training team. I learned today that I am going to be working the Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid attraction in the New Fantasyland! I AM SO EXCITED! By working this attraction, that means a few things.

A. I spend a lot of my day in an air conditioned building
B. I have a sweet costume
C. I see guests both young and young-at-heart light up with excitement for The Little Mermaid

11-12:30- Can’t be a cast member without a costume. We took a trip to the Costume building where I tried on my new work outfit. And can I just say, this is one of the less-dorky outfits. I’m enthralled.

1- Lunch. Finally.

2-4- As a new member of the Fantasyland family, I was able to experience multiple different attractions without waiting in line. Enchanted Tales with Belle was amazing! Perfect for a little princess. Mickey’s PhilharMagic was adorable. Obviously, I thought Under the Sea was the best.

But seriously? I got paid to try on costumes and go on rides. How cool is that?

I must have one amazing Fairy Godmother, because this experience has been nothing but magical!

Excuse me as I go comb my curls with a dinglehopper.

-The Memory Maker


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