I’m Earning My Ears

This little badge is a big, red, flag saying I’m the new kid. Instead of saying “I’m training” I say “I’m still earning my ears!” And there is a lot to learn before you earn those ears.

Earning my Ears badge

Earning my Ears badge

On Tuesday, much of the day was spent learning general basics for an attractions position in Fantasyland. I learned how to work the Fastpass machine, the appropriate procedures for helping our Guests with disabilities, and the different resources that are available to me as a Disney Cast Member. Like, I have access to free educational resources. I could learn a new language with a Rosetta stone if I wanted to! Disney also has it’s own Health clinic, and an EMT on site. It really is it’s own little world.

Today was my ride-specific training. My new friend Maureen, who is also “earning her ears”, and I were running around the Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid ride all day. (TIP: We are required to call every attraction, restaurant, or parade by it’s complete name. This makes it easier for Guests to find what they are looking for on their maps.) We helped our trainer, Sierra, check all of the safety precautions before the park even opened. My favorite part was going into the ride with all of the lights on, making sure that the characters were programmed correctly. We rode the ride multiple times, making sure everything was set!

In order to work an attraction, I need to memorize a lot of codes. Doors have specific labels. Animatronics have a numerical code. You never just bluntly say what you mean to say. Someone puked in the moving Clamshell? Code V. Before I can “earn my ears”, I need to know all of those codes, and know the appropriate course of action for each.

I was also able to try my hand at some of the roles I will be filling. For Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid, there is a conveyor belt that is constantly moving as Guests enter their Clamshell. This is to ensure we entertain as many guests as possible. One of my jobs is to keep a steady pace with this moving sidewalk, instructing guests to sit properly and pull down the lap bar. Another role is for me to walk on the moving sidewalk and direct guests to their seats. Talk about multitasking.

Tomorrow  is another 4am wake-up call. But that puts me one step closer to earning those ears.

Did you ever have code words at work? What were they? Let me know in the comments!

-The Memory Maker

P.S. Just want to apologize for the lack of photos and videos. It’s against policy for me to disclose information, or take pictures of any kind. I will do my best to keep the blog fun, with or without the images. 



4 thoughts on “I’m Earning My Ears

  1. Emily, so exciting you are working on the Little Mermaid ride and earning your ears! I was fortunate enough to ride that attraction while I was in the Magic Kingdom this past year. But in response to your question, when I was in High School, I worked at Meijer and we had codes for everything as well. Department 10 was security, codes with different names or letters meant different things. You would say the code and the location and various people would go to that place depending on the code. Very much enjoying hearing the stories of your journey to “earning your ears”. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Emily:

    So glad that you are maintaining the great personal brand you started in class by continuing to blog. I hope the other Disney College aspirants and participants are finding your work through good SEO efforts! Can’t wait to share your site with current students in the web class starting tomorrow!

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