The Suite Life of 16306

As a part of the Disney College Program, I have the absolute pleasure of living in an apartment with five beautiful people. Before moving to Florida, I was worried about what kind of whack-job people I would be spending my time with. Little did I know I would be so lucky to have these ladies.

Let’s briefly meet my suite mates!

  • Melissa is from Maryland, and has done the Disney College Program before. She is working in merchandise at the Polynesian Resort. And as much as I love Mt. Dew, she loves Coca Cola more!
  • Brittany is from Iowa, and has also done the Disney College Program before. She is working in custodial at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. She dreams of traveling to the beautiful city of Rome.
  • Felicia is from Illinois, and is working in custodial at Downtown Disney. She is a remarkable singer, and dreams of singing in the Voices of Liberty at Epcot. Plus, she looks like Rapunzel!
  • Christina is from Texas, and is working in Food and Beverage at Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom. She is also a Big Brother fan, and has helped me get the rest of the apartment addicted to the show.
  • Bonnie is from Colorado, and is working the Front Desk at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. She has the curse/blessing of sharing a room with me! She is nerdy, and crafty, and an all-around fantastic roommate. (Pictured is her boyfriend, Nate.)

Since we are all running around on different schedules, it’s very rare that we are at the apartment at the same time. But when that rare occasion comes around, we take advantage of it. Recently, we had dinner at Cooke’s of Dublin in Downtown Disney. We also enjoyed a dance party by the lake, and the delicious free samples at the Ghirardelli store. It was nice to step away from the job, and spend some quality time with each other.

It’s always nice to have a solid group of friends that you can hang out with on your days off. I’m looking forward to plenty of awesome roommate outings.

-The Memory Maker


One thought on “The Suite Life of 16306

  1. I cannot imagine someone liking a soft drink MORE than you like Mountain Dew!! Does she carry around a backpack with an IV unit or something?? Haha. 🙂

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