Monsters, and Fireworks, and IHOP, Oh My!

Fun fact: I can now recite the spiel you hear while you’re waiting in line.
Hello ‘der my friends. You’re about to go unda’ da’ sea! So, for your safety, please keep your hands, arms, feet, legs, flippers, and fins, inside da’ clamshell. Oh! And keep an eye on da’ little ones! Dey can’t be everywhere you know!

I’m working on the Spanish version.

Today’s post is going to be a recap of the interesting things that have happened the past couple of days. Bear with me on the scattered format.

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Wednesday was our Monstrous  University housing event. It was very similar to the Woody’s Roundup event. They had pizza, obstacle courses, and the chance to say hello to Mike and Sulley. Unfortunately, my roommates and I attended this event later than anticipated, and got caught in long lines. I guess it’s great that so many people wanted to compete in the “Scare Games“.

On Thursday I worked during Wishes, and got to watch the fireworks from my post! It was really cool to see some fireworks at the front of my ride (by the castle), and the rest of them behind the ride and the park! Plus, how many people can say they watched fireworks at work?

I also got to know my coworkers a little more on Thursday! We went on an after work trip to IHOP and chatted about ourselves. It was a nice setting to unwind and get to know the people I see everyday under the sea. Oh and the Swedish Crepes are delish!

Friday, I came home from work and just collapsed. No shame.

Today is another day at work! I’m so excited to see all those little princesses and pirates board their clamshell vehicles. They’re the best part of my day!

-The Memory Maker



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