My 7 Tips for the Best Disney Experience

Dear Guest,

First of all, let me say, welcome to Disney World! We are so excited to have you here in our Magical Kingdom, and cannot wait to make all of your dreams come true. Here are my 7 tips for making your Disney experience the best it can be.

  • If this is your first trip here, make sure you research the different parks. Although Park Hoppers are tempting, I recommend doing one park per day. For nicer sit-down restaurants, make reservations early. The “Be Our Guest” restaurant is booked up to six months in advance. But, I’ve heard it is well worth it.
  • Get to the parks early. I know when you are on vacation, you just want to sleep in. But it is so much nicer to walk around the park in the morning when the weather is still bearable and the queues aren’t as long. Plus, if you get there when the park opens, there are lots of extra magical moments you can experience.
  • If you are the parents of younger Guests, make sure to find out the times and places of the character meet-ups. The Magic Kingdom is FILLED with opportunities to meet all of the characters and princesses. Get a Guide Map right as you enter the park to get those times. Get an autograph book and collect as many names are you can!

    (I guess meet and greets aren’t just for the younger Guests. Here is a picture of me and Jordan in 2010!)

  • Take advantage of the FastPass system. We encourage Guests to experience 8.9 attractions a day. And with queue waits up to an hour long, it’s better to spend your time with the FastPasses. They are completely free. You just put your park ticket into the machine, and it will give you a designated time to return. We push for our FastPass Guests to wait in a 10-20 minute queue.
  • Be kind to yourself. Drink water. Don’t be the Guest that needs emergency exited from the park because you dehydrated. Eat some healthy food while you’re here. I like to eat from the kids menu for a cheaper, well-balanced lunch. For example, instead of getting a $12 adult chicken sandwich (no sides or drink included), I got the kids chicken sandwich with grapes, yogurt, and a water for half the price. Also, wear sunscreen. As Dad would say, “The sun is not your friend!” Plus, sunburns make you look bad in pictures, and feel bad on the trip home.
  • If you are going to watch Wishes at the Magic Kingdom, watch them in front of Cinderella’s Castle. That’s how they were intended to be viewed. They will really knock your socks off from that vantage point. I really like to watch Wishes by the Crystal Palace. It’s not as crowded, and you have a great view.
  • Take pictures. Take posed pictures. Action shots. Castle shots. Take all of the pictures. Because looking back on those memories makes the experience last a lifetime.

I hope you have an excellent time here at Walt Disney World! If you have any other tips to add, leave them in the comments. Or if you have questions about what to do at Disney World, let me know!

-The Memory Maker



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