Follow along with the ABC’s and experience my day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

A- Aerosmith’s Rock n’ Roller-coaster ride
One of my favorite rides! You walk through Aerosmith’s studio and watch them work, then hop in a high speed limo to follow them to their concert. It’s fast. It’s neon. It’s so good, you tear up a little.

B- Boss with Big Ears
Had my picture taken with Mickey today at the Animation Studios. I don’t know why, but I always get overwhelmingly excited to talk to Mickey. My inner child makes a reappearance.

C- Card tricks
As we strolled down one of the streets, we ran into a magician. He was one of the highlights of my day. He made cards appear out of nowhere. He could “read our minds”. It was one of those little things that you may not get to experience every time. I loved it!

D- Dance parties
In the center of the park, a few hours before closing, they hold a dance party. But you don’t shake your booty with just anybody. Characters dance with you! What I thought was cool was that these characters were not very common. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Pinnochio, and the Queen of Hearts (who you’ll read about later).

E- Entertainment
It’s the name of the game at Hollywood Studios. Similar to the magician, there were lots of random skits throughout the park. My favorite was the impromptu Dating Game in the middle of the street. Three “policemen” competed for the heart of one of the Guests. They were really funny!
Watch as Policemen #3 competes for Petra’s heart.

F- Feels just like the movies!
Disney does a great job of transporting you into a whole new world. This felt like being a part of the movies. The buildings looked like sets. There were Cast Members playing out unique scenes throughout the town. You became a part of the movie.

G- Great Movies Ride
A classic Disney attraction. A slow moving car takes you into the scenes of some groundbreaking films. Honestly, I had only seen a few of the films mentioned. The Wizard of Oz scene was really cute, but the ride could use an update.

H- Hidden Mickey
The park designers get a kick out of hiding images of Mickey in different attractions. This one is outside of the Muppet Vision 3D show.

This Hidden Mickey can be found in the fountain outside of Muppet Vision 3D.

This Hidden Mickey can be found in the fountain outside of Muppet Vision 3D.

I- Interesting Store Displays
When walking down the streets, looking at the little shops, it’s so neat to see the window displays. Some fit in with the theme of the park, having mannequins with elegant 20’s attire. Others have moving displays of characters. There’s never a dull moment.

J- Jumping picture

Woo Hoo! Hollywood Studios!

Woo Hoo! Hollywood Studios!

Nuff’ said.

K-Kids are adorable…sometimes.
When meeting Mickey we saw this little girl get SO EXCITED. She had to be about 4 years old. As she clung onto the sides of her dress, she started bouncing nervously. The second it was her turn she ran up to Mickey, hugged him, and kissed his nose. It’s that pure excitement that is the magic of Disney.

L- Lots of pin trading
Felicia is a pin trader, and gets really excited about collecting sets of Disney pins. We would stroll from shop to shop, Cast Member to Cast Member, and ask to look at their pins. She’s getting quite an impressive collection!

M- Muppets Vision 3D
Waka Waka! The Muppets take over in this movie and show you their progress on bringing 3D to a whole new level. Corny, but worth it!

N- Nuggets
My dinner. Haters gonna hate!

O-One Man’s Dream
A tear-enducing movie about the Disney heritage. We learned all about Walt and his dream, and how he overcame obstacles to make that dream a reality. Inspiring story. There was also a museum of artifacts from Walt’s life, and the models of new ideas come to life. It was really cool to see my ride in a small foam model.  Really cool!

P- Pixar Place
This is where you’ll find Toy Story’s Midway Mania! It’s an amazingly creative, interactive game/ride. My favorite part was that the inside of the building looked like Andy’s room, and you were a toy sized participant. (Tip: this is such a popular attraction, that FastPasses run out around noon. Get there early!)

Q- Queen of Hearts is a DIVA!
During the Dance Party, The Queen of Hearts was getting down with her bad self. It was funny to watch!

R- Really hot.
Seriously, Florida? I’m over you.

S- Singing in the Rain
If you walk toward the back of the park, you’ll see an umbrella on a lamppost. Touch the black square and it’ll start raining for you. Perfect “Singing in the Rain” pictures!

T- Tower of Terror
Bring an extra pair of underwear because this ride will make you pee your pants. Go into the Twilight Zone as you discover what happened to the elevator at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Basically you scream at the top of your lungs while a haunted elevator drops you.

U- Underestimated
I had forgotten all of the unique and amazing experiences at Hollywood Studios. Definitely underestimated the park as a whole.

V- Villains in Vogue
Such a cool store. All of the merchandise was villain themed. I really liked these sketches of the characters that made them look like fashion models. Less cartoon-y and more run-way.

W- Walking through all of the EX- citement. (You can tell I’m losing it….)

Hollywood Studios takes you back in time to the Golden Age of Hollywood. It transports you back to yesteryear, when the music was hot and the spotlights were bright. I love the feeling of being in a different time, because everything seems more elegant and sophisticated.

Z- Zipped through the lines!
One of the benefits of visiting in September is that the crowds are minimal. We walked onto rides with only 5 minute waits all day.

That was my day at Hollywood Studios! Still so much to explore.

-The Memory Maker


4 thoughts on “Lights….Camera….MAGIC!

  1. Are you kidding me? I’ve been to that park six times and I’ve never seen the “Singing in the Rain” umbrella! Good information missy 🙂
    Also, that’s the best jumping picture ever! The colors are perfect. I’ll be sure to frame that one.

  2. Awesome job on the Disney ABC’s. I loved it. I learned a few things too, even though I’ve been there multiple times. I never knew you could make it rain on you. Where is the lamp post near?

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