At Capacity

One of my recent Magical Answers questions was,

What is the maximum number of people in the park at one time?

Unfortunately the numbers for Disney capacity are not released publicly. And honestly, it doesn’t happen very often.

…but it happened on Friday. Friday the thirteenth.

Disney was holding a Limited Time Magic event at Hollywood Studios called “Unleash the Villains“. It was a highly anticipated event where all of the Disney villains would come out and party with Guests. This is a very uncommon occurrence, and everyone was dying to go.


It took less than an hour for the park to reach capacity. My coworkers and I left work at 8:30, and we made our way to Hollywood Studios. By 9pm, the parking lot was completely full. They were directing Guests to park at EPCOT and shuttle to the event. As we turned the corner to make our way to EPCOT, we saw a line of traffic as far as the eye could see.

My group decided to bail on the Villain event and get some pizza instead. And boy am I glad we did. I heard stories of people who waited in two and a half hours of traffic to make it to the doors. Others squished inside just to wait in a sweaty group of people and get a picture with a villain. Generally, the main consensus from attendees was “IT WAS TOO CROWDED!”

So, although I don’t have a capacity number for you, I can tell you that capacity is when there is a full parking lot, hours of traffic, and a park packed with people like sardines.

-The Memory Maker


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