Creativity and Innovation

First Day of School Outfit

First Day of School Outfit

During my Disney College Program I am taking a collegiate course entitled Creativity and Innovation. I figured I would get some college credit while I’m here, and this class seemed very “Disney”. Today was my first day of class, and already I can tell that this is going to be an excellent course for me!

For this class, I will be keeping a journal. But not just any journal. This is my chance to express my deepest thoughts, draw out the thoughts running through my mind, or just reflect on the happenings of my day. Whatever the entry, it needs to be original and creative.

We will also be reading The 7 Levels of Change by Rolf Smith. Our class was lucky enough to received a personalized, signed copy of the book. And even though it’s a text book, it seems like it will be fun to read.

My favorite part was practicing the 5 areas of the Creative Thought Process. Really, it’s ways of thinking that you do every single day. Now you can put a name to it. Wanna play along?

1. Elaboration: The ability to build on existing ideas.

Grab a piece of paper and draw a whole bunch of half circles. Then add on to each of the half circles to make it into a bigger picture. Here is what I drew.

2. Divergency: The ability to branch off into different directions from the same point.
You have a square, rectangle, circle, and triangle. What images can you make by only using these shapes once?
…my most creative drawing was a snowman. Divergency is not my strong suit apparently.

3. Flexibility: Openness to new ideas, adaptability.
No you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to have a flexible creative thinking process. Can you interpret something differently than anyone else? Can you apply a unique meaning to the same piece of art?

4. Fluency: Generating many ideas while delaying judgement.
You have a cat, a fish, a moon, and a river. How many different story plots can you come up with in two minutes? Not to brag, but I had 13.

5. Originality: The ability to set aside conventions and procedures
This is basically asking if you can think about things in a completely new way. Our class talked about how baseball would be different if the balls were square. Mind blown right?

Here is my question for all of you readers: Who do you find extremely creative?

-The Memory Maker


2 thoughts on “Creativity and Innovation

  1. Sounds like you are having great fun with this class. Can’t wait to see you when you get home. Eric’s father p.s. show us what you learned

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