Taste of Home: Food and Wine Edition

Every now and then we need a taste of home. And the past few days have been just what I needed. My mom came to visit.

For only being here for a few days, we were able to do so much. In order to cover all of our amazing time together, this post will come in two parts.

The first part is Food and Wine. EPCOT has an International Food and Wine Festival every fall. They have over thirty stops around the world represented, and plenty of delicacies to taste for yourself. Mom and I had a blast going from country to country, rating the food or drink we decided on.

Our quest to taste our way around the world began in Brazil with a seared scallop with ragout of tomatoes, peppers, and hearts of palm. Next was Argentina with a grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and boniato puree. Then we tasted Australia which was a garlic shrimp with roasted tomatoes, lemon myrtle, and rapini.

Then of course we took a stop in Mexico for some sangria.

Our next destination was Singapore with a lemongrass chicken curry with coconut and jasmine rice. We were both pleasantly delighted with the Silk Coconut Ice Cream Ribbon from China. In South Korea we tried Bokbunjajoo, a black raspberry wine.

Here comes the good stuff. There was a station completely dedicated to cheese. Almond crusted blue cheese souffle with fig jam. It was in my top favorites. We paired that with a stop at the Brewer’s Collection station. Mom tried a grapefruit beer, while I stayed safe with an Oktoberfest. We also delighted in a bratwurst on pretzel roll in our visit to Germany.

A sip of wine in Italy, and I was up and dancing with the Silly Sisters! We worked our way over to a station where we had a Craisin bread pudding with a Grand Marnier Anglaise. Sounds fancy, but was delicious. Another one of my favorites from the day.

Making our way around, we had a California roll in Japan. I preferred it more than Mom. She enjoyed a Key Lime wine from the Florida Local stand. But we both HATED the Moroccan kefta pocket. I don’t really know what went wrong there, but it was not good at all for us.

We then were overwhelmed with deliciousness. Europe was definitely our favorite spot. Belgium delighted us with a waffle and berries smothered in whipped cream. And in France, we went with the Boeuf Bourguignon. It made it to the number one spot on both of our lists. Absolutely phenomenal!

Ireland offered a delicious cheese tray. Mom had a Canadian Moosehead lager. I tried Ouzo in Greece. Let me just say, Ouzo tasted like licorice. It was not my favorite, and I won’t be trying it again. *shudders at the memory of it*

We did luck out at the very end. Hawaii offered a Kalua pork slider with sweet and sour Dole pineapple chutney and a spicy mayonnaise. Another one of my favorite desserts was a fried pineapple fritter. Holy Moses, that was delicious.

Overall, Mom and I were extremely pleased with our time at the Food and Wine Festival. It was a completely new way of experiencing EPCOT, and we both made some wonderful memories.

Part 2 will be coming soon…

-The Memory Maker


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