Magical Answers: part 3

As always, if you have any burning Disney questions you would like to get answered, let me know! Check out my other two Magical Answer posts to see if I’ve already answered one of your questions! (First, and second).

What are some of your favorite street vendors?

This is super tough, since a lot of the food vendors have the same stuff wherever you go. I would recommend you try a classic Mickey Ice Cream, a turkey leg in Frontierland, and the new Lafou’s Brew in New Fantasyland. Also, Dole Whip is a classic in Adventureland.

Celebrity sightings?

I have not, personally, been lucky enough to spot any celebrities during work. However, a lot of people on my ride said they seated Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. A girl in my class works at the Yacht and Beach Resort and says that Johnny Depp is a regular. I’m hoping to see Neil Patrick Harris before I leave.

Is there a dry cleaning facility, or do you wash you own costumes?

Both. You are allotted 5 costumes at a time. After those 5 days you can bring them back to the Costuming building and have them clean it for you. Or you can wash it yourself. I wash my costumes myself, just to ensure that I have costumes that fit me, and that smell like me. I don’t know why that matters, but it does.

It is important to note that Mickey, his close friends, and all of the Royalty have a special cleaning facility for their outfits. How embarrassing would it be if Cinderella’s gown got mixed up in my costumes?

What have you heard about the new Avatar world?

Honestly, I hadn’t heard anything until recently. And I am only allowed to post Disney approved information about future projects. Here is the link I will give you. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Hot princes?

Charming is charming. Phillip is brave.
Aladdin’s so dreamy, with a wink and a wave.
When I walk right beside them, and look up with glee,
I realize, they are into each other, not me.

Hope this answers that question.

That’s all for tonight. Send me more questions to answer!

-The Memory Maker


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