P.S. …Guess What?

So many memories can be made in a year. Whether it’s a holiday, or just a regular Wednesday, a pair of people can make an infinite amount of memories. I have had the ultimate pleasure of spending the past year with a very special someone.

Eric has been my rock over the past year of my life. He gets me. He pushes me to try new things, and to be a better person. We have done so much over the past year, that it almost feels like time has flown by. I hope to have that feeling for many more years to come.

We opened each other’s gifts just now. I had gotten him the Iron Man 3 DVD. I also baked him chocolate chip cookies, and put together a cookbook of all of the amazing meals we have made together over the past year. He had made me a “Feels” CD, with some of my favorite songs, to listen to when I’m feeling lonely. Eric also bought a cookbook of over 90 recipes that he wants to make with me when we reunite. I find it interesting that we basically had the same gift concept, just different end results. Great minds, am I right?

From watching all of the Harry Potter movies in order, to dropping our phones to the bottom of the Mohican river, Eric has been more than my boyfriend, but my best friend. He has seen me laugh and cry uncontrollably, and never left my side. I cannot wait to see what memories we make in the next year.

Relive all of the wonderful memories Eric and I have made together in this slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now excuse me as I watch P.S. I Love You, eat ice cream, and befriend my box of tissues.

-The Memory Maker


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