A Magical Band for a Magical Land

My roommate, Bonnie, was selected to be a beta tester for Disney’s new Magic Bands. She was kind enough to bring me and her sister, Dawn, along for the ride.

For those of you who are saying, “Emily, slow down. What’s a Magic Band?” let me explain.

Disney is testing out a new program that will simplify a guest’s experience in the parks. One wristband can hold a lot of information. It can be used as a room key at a Disney Resort. It can help you keep track of your FastPasses. It can even hold your credit card information, making purchases much more efficient. Basically all of your wallet can fit into one little band, which will allow you to spend more time making magic, less time fumbling around for things.

As part of this beta test, we were given a free night’s stay in Saratoga Springs Resort. It was a gorgeous, yet quaint, resort with a definite nod to the historic Saratoga horse racing. Our pillows even had famous Disney horses on them, including Phillipe (Beauty and the Beast) and Maximus (Tangled). Lovely room, with a view of Downtown Disney across the lake.

We then journeyed to EPCOT to try out the Magic Bands as FastPasses. With no wait at all, we ran onto Soarin’. Then, we went around the world, snacking on different Food and Wine specialities. Paid for with just a touch of my Magic Band. Each stop took only a minute of our time.
(Just to brag, as we walked by the Eat to the Beat concert, I saw Smash Mouth sing All Star.  Flashback to elementary school!)

The three of us had a great night by the pool, enjoying the serenity of the resort. The next morning, Bonnie and I indulged ourselves with a breakfast feast, including Mickey waffles.

Our beta test was a major success! I am thoroughly impressed with the Magic Bands, and cannot wait to see how they improve your Disney experience!

-The Memory Maker


One thought on “A Magical Band for a Magical Land

  1. They will improve my experience by me spending a loooot more money, I have a feeling… And not digging through my purse. Can’t wait to try it for myself!

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