Festival of the Masters

This weekend, Downtown Disney hosted “Festival of the Masters”, an arts festival where 130 artists from around America come and display their talents. From paintings, to pencil drawings, to chalk artists, this was a notch above any other arts festival I had ever been to.

Some of my favorite artists include:

Jamie Babula– This artist had some phenomenal pencil sketches that looked like photography. I was extremely impressed with this piece.

Tshun Art– This artist created collages of faces, but with hair made of bits of colored pencil. The texture those pieces created was so unique and interesting. Plus, this guy signs all of his pieces with a clock. (Yea, a clock.)

Jeffery Matter– This artist did wood sculptures, but took them beyond a typical wood sculpture. Check out this rotating chess board!

Of course I really enjoyed the chalk artists. How can they make the ground look so lifelike?

Amazing chalk art

Amazing chalk art

But I think I was impressed most with Michael Thiele, from the Hardwood Music Company. They make musical boxes that sound very similar to a steel drum. What I liked most about this particular booth was that Michael would demonstrate the musicality of the wood, and play the instrument. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. So please look him up and take a listen!

The best part of my day, though, was spending it with some amazing people. My coworkers (now friends) and I walked around, looked at the art, and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Such a fun time! Great event!

-The Memory Maker


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