Still Children at Heart

This week my friend and mentor, Molly, came to visit me with her mother. She and Bert were here refreshing their pixie dust. It was nice to have a blast of familiarity, especially before the busy season.

We toured New Fantasyland (which I still get a thrill from), from flying on Dumbo, to telling the enchanting love story of Belle and her Beast. I highly recommend that everyone try Lafoo’s Brew. It is a delicious frozen apple juice with hints of marshmallow, and a pomegranate mango froth.

Most of all, I get a sense of pride walking people through the Mermaid area. Molly and Bert enjoyed all of the hidden secrets I was able to share. I’ve learned that I am emotionally attached to Under the Sea, and that it will always be a special part of me.

A few rides, and a parade later, we set off for Hollywood Studios. We rocked out on a roller coaster, fell into the Twilight Zone, and saw Fantasmic! What I really enjoyed was the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, a Disney tradition I hadn’t experienced. The backlot area is filled with over 5 million LED lights, dancing to some Christmas tunes. “Snow” fell around us, and for the first time I finally felt like Christmas was on it’s way.

Here’s a taste of the Dancing Lights!

Overall, it was nice to experience the Disney magic with veterans of the parks, but still children at heart.

Thanks for sharing your Disney stories with me, Molly and Bert! I loved being able to spend time with you!

-The Memory Maker


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