A Miracle on Main Street

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Twas a bright Florida morning,
Throughout the streets of MK,
They were filming a parade,
To show on Christmas Day.

The streets were so full,
We couldn’t move if you’d dared us. 
Then dancing down the street,
Came Neil Patrick Harris.

We clapped and rejoiced,
As he sang his opening song.
Then what do we see?
Some villains came along.

He befriended them as always,
And went along his way.
But then we saw some Newsies,
Doing high kicks and chassés. 

The moment of the day 
That I would label as the best,
Is when NPH and Mickey
Started chatting between sets. 

A big shout out to Lindsey,
My friend from work who joined me.
Thanks for coming for the ride,
And helping make this a great memory.

Please watch for me this holiday,
I may show up on your  screen.
If you see someone jumping wildly,
It’s probably me that you’ve seen. 

-The Memory Maker


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