The only way I can describe my emotions right now is bittersweet.

Bitter, in that I am leaving behind a life of fantasy. That I have to say goodbye to the friends I had only just started getting to know. I am bitter that I no longer can walk around in flip flops. And I am truly going to miss spending my time in the most magical place on Earth.

Yet this moment is so sweet in that I can come home to my loving friends and family. I can have a moment to relax before I start the last semester of college. Sweet silence, instead of crying children. Being back in a comfortable environment is something I have been craving these past few months.

Toward the end of the evening, as I rode through the ride on my own, a wave of pride and sadness came over me. It honestly felt like my first day of training was yesterday. But, I’ve seen and done so much since then. I am going to miss going under the sea every day.

Once the park closed, all of us “Merms” rode the ride as a group. Singing along and inserting out own commentary. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to the ride that we’ve called home.

Then all of the Fantasyland College Participants met up and rode the Carousel. It felt like the perfect conclusion of our time together. One of those out of body experiences that you come back to in dreams.

So to all of the amazing people I met during my program, thank you. Thank you for being such unique and wonderful individuals. Thank you for letting me be part of your world, and thank you for impacting a part of my life that I hope to never forget.

-The Memory Maker


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