The Next Chapter

Life is like a book: it’s made up of small sentences, that lead to paragraphs, that end up being amazingly full chapters. In a way, I just ended one chapter in my life.

I graduated college.

This chapter feels different. It feels great, knowing that I am a college graduate. But it’s also terrifying, in the “what is my life without school?” kind of way.

Commencement was a surreal experience. First, it was an insanely beautiful day. My fellow graduates lined up in front of Towers Hall, and I was swallowed by nostalgia. The bells were singing to us as we marched across campus, as if to say their final goodbye.

As I walked up to the stage, shook President Krendl’s hand, and made my way back to my seat, I felt as though this was all a dream. That I would still be back in a classroom come August. That, surely, I was not ready for this degree.

Reflecting on those fears, I realized that this degree is just a symbol. In order to write new chapters, I will continuously be in a classroom. It’ll just look a little different.

To all of the professors and faculty that have bent over backwards to help me, to those who have gone above and beyond to get to know me as a friend, to those who have enlightened me with countless amounts of wisdom…thank you.

To the friends who have laughed with me, cried with me, and have cheered me on along the way…thank you.

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To my family that has always known I was capable of this, and supported me in unbelievable ways…thank you.

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It’s time to turn the page, and begin the next chapter in my life. And I cannot wait to get started!

Stay tuned for updates on my new job, new events, and new adventures!

-The Memory Maker


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