I’ve Earned My Mouseters!

That’s right folks! I’ve earned my degree from Disney Programs and Internships. And so, of course, that means a celebration!

Each participant received a diploma and a commemorative memory box. I feel like the memory box is going to hold all of the collectables and loose items I’ve collected over the past few months. Great way to remember the magic.

Then everyone gets their own graduation Mickey ears. This is a moment I have looked forward to since I was accepted in the program in the first place. I plan on getting mine embroidered with my name when I visit the Magic Kingdom.

Once I got all of the memorabilia, I paid a visit to the Main Mouse and his lady friend. They were donned in their own graduation robes. It was sweet to see them, and receive their congratulations.

And what’s a party without food? Well this party had a full-fledged barbecue, thanks to Sonny’s. Hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork, corn, beans, mac and cheese, and sweet tea. Absolutely delicious!

This event really woke me up. I guess sometimes I forget that only a few months ago I was a worried mess on a road trip down here. Unsure of what was ahead. But now, I only have a few more weeks until I road trip it back. And as much as I know I’m ready to be home, I know I am going to miss it here. Crazy how time flies when you’re having fun.

-The Memory Maker